Card of the day 3/4/2020

Our collective card of the day for 3/4/2020 is The Emperor.

This Emperor is sitting on a firm stone throne that has four ram heads: two on his armrests and two on the header. The ones on the armrests are facing the front, and the ones on the header are facing to the side, away from each other and the centre.

Today, The Emperor recommends that we annalyse the matters that arise from many different perspectives, and make sure that our beliefs and opinions are not set in stone but can be analyzed and challenged: maybe to reinforce them, or maybe to change them if we so choose. He reminds us that real power comes from flexibility, not from intransigence.

In numerology, 4 is about stability, like the four legs on a table.

Card of the day 2/4/2020

Our collective card of the day for 2/4/2020 is the Page of Cups.

Greylady's Hearth: The Page of Cups and his fish

This Page of Cups is about indulging, pampering ourselves a little bit. Comforting ourselves through physical means so that our emotions can feel safe and we can later delve into them if we so choose.

Today, this card invites us, then, to wear comfortable and warm clothes, to indulge a little in regards to food (that chocolate you have been saving for a special ocassion, for example, or that glass -or more- of wine that you so want to have). It suggests comforting our physical bodies so that our emotions can take a break.

The suit of Cups represents the element of water and the emotional body.

Card of the day 1/4/2020

Our collective card of the day for 1/4/2020 is the Four of Pentacles.

This card today is about securing our bodies and making sure that they are healthy and have everything they need so that we can be more in contact with our spiritual side. Also, securing our finances and making sure our belongings are in order too.

This Four of Pentacles suggests that we remember to exercise and eat nutritious, whole foods, and maybe after that engage in some spiritual practice, such as praying, meditating, or whatever your feel inclined to do in order to be more in contact with your spiritual body.

In numerology, 4 is about stability, like the four legs on a table. The suit of Pentacles represents the element of Earth and has to do with the physical body, as well as material belongings and finances.

Card of the day 29/3/2020

Our collective card of the day for 29/3/2020 is the Nine of Cups.

Today, this card is about pride and stubornness. The character has accomplished a great deal, but he feels so proud and set in his ways about that that he is not able to reap all the benefits of his hard work.

This Nine of Cups today is inviting us, then, to explore if we have been feeling a little rigid in terms of our emotions: have we been open for new emotions to come in? Have we been closed up against others’ emotions? Let’s try to be open, so that we can receive all the blessings they entail.

Numerologically, 9 is about fulfillment, and Cups is a suit that has to do with the element of water and represents emotions.

Card of the day 27/3/2020

Our collective card of the day for 27/3/2020 is The World.

This card is about a cycle coming to an end, something being completed and over. But as a cycle, it means that there will be a new beginning. The woman is passing through a wreath of laurels (signifying victory), ending the current path she is in, but immediately starting a new cycle.

Today, this card indicates that something or things might come to an end today, but it is here to teach us that every time something finishes, it is the infinite nature of life’s cycles to have something new immediately start. For something new to come into our lives, something old has to go.

In numerology, 21 symbolizes transformation, fulfillment after a long path of spiritual change.

Card of the day 25/3/2020

Our collective card of the day for 25/3/2020 is The Emperor.

This card is about being firm and in control, and taking responsibilities seriously. These are the things that will bring steadiness to our lives according to this card.

Today, the emperor invites us to consider our duties, whether we want them to be a part of our lives or not. He reminds us that we are completely free, and that it is us who choose to take on responsibilities or not.

Numerologically, 4 is a number related to steadiness, stability, having strong foundations, like the four legs of a table.

Delving into the Nine of Swords

In this card, there is a person, most probably a woman, sitting in bed with her face in her hands. She is covered up to her waist with an EDREDON. It is very colorful and has a patchwork design with astrologycal symbols in light blue and black, and flowers in red and yellow. It is quite happy. Her bed has white sheets and a red pillow, and the mattress looks quite thin – not the most comfortable bed, probably. It looks like it is made of stone and painted red, and there are some carvings that remind me of The Lovers, the Major Arcana card, but with a positive twist: there are two people flanked by two trees and one is sitting down, kind of lying down, even, and the other is very flambuoyantly offering a flower. This woman is sleeping with a long white gown and has blonde, combed hair. The wall behind her is black, symbolizing oppression, and there are nine swords horizontally on the wall, and you can’t see the tips. They look like arrows pointing forward or even like a ladder up.

To me, this represents anxiety and being devoured by your thoughts. Sleeplessness, I have just heard online, and desperation because you feel anxious. Asphixiation and oppression, done by the self. Those swords, though, could easily turn into a weapon in your favour, a ladder to push you upwards, a reminder to keep moving forward… Or a danger that doesn’t let you live. Also, this can mean that your places of comfort (her bed) are no longer positive or safe for you, and that you need to start ‘evolving’ from your ‘childish automatic moon mechanisms’. Stress and distress are evident in this card.

Delving into the Two of Pentacles

In this card, both the sky and the ground are very similar in tone (in my edition). The character seems to be on some man-made ground and behind him, in the distance, you can see the sea, and the waves are quite wild. There are to ships traversing the waves, they look rather cute. One is bigger than the other and it looks that they are both travelling on opposite directions, so they are going to meet in the middle of the card. The ship on the right has little flags waving, indicating there must be quite a good amount of wind. Its sails are yellow and red (same colors as the character in the foreground). Neither the sun or the moon are visible, but it looks like it’s daytime. There are three giant waves in the distance. The character is a funny fella, dressed in funny clothes with a strange, sort of phallic hat. He is all dressed in oranges and red, and appears to be juggling two pentacles inside some kind of rubber in the shape of an infinite symbol. He appears to be entertaining someone or maybe practising for entertaining the nobles later at night. Maybe he has just arrived in those ships that are now leaving. He looks in resignation, not very passionate about what he is doing. His belt is interesting, the strip is loose and flapping around. The ‘skirty’ section of his clothes reminds me of The Fool’s clothes. He has pointy shoes, they look pale green in my edition.

To me, this card means balancing two aspects of life. Balancing finances, maybe. Having the potential of creating something great, but not just yet, we need to go on practising until our big show at night. His phallic hat makes me think of strength and vigour, but they are dormant, he doesn’t seem to be using them right now, but they are there for him to use whenever he needs them – right now, he is just practising, he is not displaying his talents in full. It can also mean balancing two opposing elements, parts of onesself or ideas. It makes me feel that this is the opposite of the Two of Swords, that is so feminine and is also balancing two different ideas, but in that case, it is in order to make a decision, while here, it is just to manifest or generate something new out of them. The infinite symbol might be there to show that the possibilities are there, only if you keep on practising and trying. Maybe even it means to start saving money for a trip, because of the ships in the distance. The sea is way too tumultuous now, but when you get the money, the ships will be able so sail more smoothly.

Delving into the Five of Cups

This card shows a dark figure (in my edition, it looks like a hooded figure because their hair is almost completely black, as the cloak) wearing a black cloak around them that only uncovers a section of their turned face and their beige boots. The boots might symbolize someone who is realistic and down to earth. They are standing on a road between some hills and close to a river/stream that goes under a white arched bridge in the distance. Also in the distance there are some trees and a small two-storeyd building is visible. In front of the figure there are three chalices on the floor, lying sideways. Whatever liquid was in them is spilt now (one looks like water, the other two like wine). Behind the figure there are two upright chalices.

To me, from the beginning, this card made me think of poisoning someone, and reminded me of a Severus Snape -like personaity. I have since heard another interpretation, that of focusing on the glass half-empty rather than turning around and realising that not all is lost. In fact, two very nice chalices remain firmly standing (and possibly full). It still makes me think of a broody and grim character, though, whose negativity is impending and all-encompassing, and if we are not careful, even contagious.

Delving into the Eight of Cups

This card shows a person who is walking away from the “camera”. They are walking up a small hill using one of those trekking sticks and they have a white glove on that same hand (right). They have a red coat and light blue (in my edition) tights and red boots. They have short, blonde hair. We can’t see their left hand. There are eight golden chalices in the foreground, and the five on the bottom are neatly arranged, while the three on top are not symmetrical. It looks like the person was making a pyramid or something of the sort and either got tired or frustrated or decided that was enough and left it all there. Also, it might mean that this person decided to leave all these cups (feelings) behind because they no longer served them, but decided to leave them tidily to see if they could serve someone else and bring joy into their lives. There is a stream around the area, maybe representing the unconscious that surrounds it all, and maybe this person is leaving behind the conscious emotions and baggage that don’t serve them to delve deep into their unconscious, in search of answers. Or maybe they just are going away and continuing with their life. There are some mountains, symbolizing the sinewy road the person has or will have to go through. The sky is clear, and both the sun and the moon, fused as one are shining on our character: maybe to symbolize that they have all the universe’s blessings upon them and is doing the right thing. It can also mean that this person is honouring both the feminine and masculine in them and therefore are balanced, since leaving behind what didn’t serve them.

To me, this card represents going on a journey (maybe emotional) and having your emotions neatly organized. Also, leaving behind those parts of yourself that the universe has shed light upon and showed you don’t serve you anymore. Also, it might mean delving into the unconscious in search of answers. Finally, having the blessings of all the universe for whatever it is you are about to do. It can also mean turning your back on your emotions and neglecting them, as the person didn’t even bother to finish a pyramid, but I mostly get positive vibes from this card.